ICBSS Policy Brief No.17


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ICBSS Policy Brief no.17. October 2009

Pooling Forces in Protecting the Black Sea Marine Environment: Actors and Actions


The starting point of this Policy Brief has been the call of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the BSEC Member States (Ankara, 25 October 2007) to strengthen the cooperation among international institutions for the protection and rehabilitation of the Black Sea marine environment. After a succinct reminder of the natural facts impacting on the state of the Black Sea marine environment, the paper goes on to present the international legal framework that regulates the protection and preservation of the marine environment, in order to identify the main principles of the international cooperation in this field. It then identifies the international organisations, institutions and programmes that develop activities relating to the protection of the Black Sea marine environment and analyses their relevant competences and operations.

The paper explores the existing institutional and working interaction of these organisations in activities aimed at the protection of the Black Sea marine environment and studies ways and means that such a cooperation can be strengthened, and enlarged to cover international actors that have been so far not involved in the joint effort to protect, preserve and rehabilitate the fragile and vulnerable marine environment of the Black Sea.

Ioannis Stribis

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№10(37), 2009