“When God Made Time, He Made Plenty of It”

№1(147), 2020

We are under siege. We are subjected to an incessant barrage of Cassandra-styled prophesies propagated by bewildered oracles who mourn the fading away of not just the self-proclaimed ‘liberal world order' but of the irrevocably aged “new brave world” as such. End of All Times mongering is omnipresent, pervasive and thoroughly irritating. Nothing can be done about it. Why? All of us involuntarily contribute to this obsession by upholding, spreading and making go viral negative news and views, especial peppered with doomsday rhetoric. Sancta simplicitas! The reason is apparent. Faced with the unconceivable mysticism of “the dread of something after death” (as Shakespeare phrased it), humans fall prey to apprehension, alarm, and panic. Invariably, this futile exercise in clairvoyance paints the hazy future with all...

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