The Asian-European Agenda


Ideas for Crisis Prevention and Effective Cooperation

Europe in Dialogue 2012 | 04

Economic relations between Asia and Europe have developed substantially in the past decade and are sure to gain further traction in years to come. However, it is often argued that the Eurasian relationship represents the weakest link among the world's major power centers; there is a sense that the political partnership has not reached its full potential.

For this edition of “Europe in Dialogue,” the Bertelsmann Stiftung invited reputable political thinkers from both Asia and Europe to address the challenges and opportunities within Asian-European relations. This edition also marks the launch of a new program at the Bertelsmann Stiftung dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of Asia and facilitating better-informed European policies via-a-vis Asia. You can download it here...

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№7-8(68), 2012

№7-8(68), 2012