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Promoting Solidarity and Integration within the Eurzone


Please find attached the manifesto drawn up at the Parisian Economic Forum (Entretiens Economiques Europeens). This Forum was a joint initiative organised by the French Confederations Europe, the Italian Astrid Foundation and the German Bertelsmann Stiftung in which the organising associations outlined the necessary steps for the realisation of a solid social market economy in Europe. They argue that the consolidation of the Eurozone should compose of three distinct pillars. The first pillar, the necessity for which has become increasingly clear with the onset of the sovereign debt crisis, is the establishment of common fiscal policies. The second pillar is to regain competitiveness and to realise the sustainable growth potential of all Member States. The third pillar consists of formidable social investments in solidarity.

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№2(63), 2012

№2(63), 2012