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США на Балканах: эволюция присутствия, приоритеты, перспективы

№3(138), 2019

С краткой версией статьи можно ознакомиться в «Независимой газете». «Well, I would have done it a little bit differently. And I know this would sound terrible. But look at the havoc that they have wreaked in Kosovo. I mean, we could say we lost very few people. Of course, we had the airplanes 75000 feet up in the air dropping bombs. But, look at what we have done to that land and to those people, and the deaths that we have caused. Now, they haven’t been caused with us and the allies because we were way up in the air in planes. But, at some point, you had to put troops in so not everybody could go over the borders and everything else, and a...

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