From Separate Policies to Dialogue


Please find below information about articles published in the EU-Russia Paper Series issued by the Centre for EU-Russia Studies at the University of Tartu. The EU-Russia Paper Series disseminates research, analysis and commentary on topics and issues relevant to the contemporary agenda of EU-Russia relations.

This paper assesses the current policy debate on the future of EU-Russia energy relations vis-à-vis natural gas, oil and electricity. The EU and Russia have discussed their energy policies and mutual energy trade in the context of the EU-Russia energy dialogue for more than a decade. Today the dialogue covers several sectors of energy policy and includes long lists of possible projects and policy measures while also a roadmap until 2050 is set to be fi nalised by the summer of 2012. However, the debate lacks a structure that would fully acknowledge the complexity of energy policy – its various dimensions and the interconnections between them. In this paper such a structure is proposed by making an analytical distinction between the resource geographic, fi nancial, institutional and ecological dimensions of energy policy. On this basis it is assessed where the biggest constraints are and in what ways the energy dialogue can best further EU-Russia energy coordination and cooperation.

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№6(67), 2012

№6(67), 2012